“Tina, Will You Marry Me?”

In a world where actors check their phones incessantly to see if they have landed the next role of a lifetime, all too often, their hopes are dashed. On the rare occasion when that phone rings with good news, traditionally, the news is delivered by a casting director’s covetous intern/actor. Sometimes the actor’s agent or manager delivers the welcome news. In the wacky world of Tony n' Tina’s Wedding, we decided to have some fun with the actress we wanted to cast in the role of Tina. Think baptism by fire!

After the actresses 3rd callback, one of our production associates walked her out of the Broadway League building, under the guise of grabbing a cup of coffee. As they made their way through the heart of Times Square, the actress noticed a familiar face in the crowd. Dressed in a white tuxedo, on bended knee, holding a sign that red: “Tina, Will You Marry Me?” was her future show husband, Tony.

Watch her instant transition into Tina as she answers his question in this exclusive video from Broadway.com.

photo credit: Michel Delsol

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