Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is back and it’s a blast! Now a retro show, the satire is fueled with nostalgia… the actors are a warm, fun crew that deliver to the paying customers one soul at a time… directed at lightning speed by Paul Stroili… this new version retains the fun of a dysfunctional Italian wedding but features performers who are committed to playing truthful, even vulnerable characters… everyone was having fun… go in a group!” –Chicago Tribune

Fresher and Funnier than ever… the show’s original New York producers have reinvigorated the classic with an all-star cast of Chicago improvisers… the cast fires on all cylinders throughout the evening, playing out larger-than-life Italian family drama with as much audience participation as guests can handle. For a guaranteed good time, bring your dancing shoes and 80s nostalgia.” –Chicago Reader

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is back and hilarious as ever… a highly entertaining and unique experience… before long one almost forgets they are at a play… (a) talented cast who really has to be on top of their improv game, playing off so well the many curve balls they are thrown… Paul Stroili wonderfully directs this new reworked version of “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding”… full of laughs and good times through and through. It’s actually a wedding one can really look forward to attending!” –, Chicago

A most welcome return to Chicago… Hilarious… you may want to see it more than once because the material is so improvisational that no two weddings are exactly alike… under the fine direction of Paul Stroili, the large Chicago cast of 23 is terrific capturing all the nuances of a family gathering, complete with vulgarities and squabbles… hurry to get tickets!” –

A triumphant, uproarious return to Chicago… Finally, a wedding you actually want to go to… perennial favorite Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is back to delight a new crowd of revelers… helmed by director Paul Stroili, a member of the original Chicago cast, the classic has new life breathed into it… there is never a dull millisecond, let alone a dull moment…the actors clearly love their jobs… there is heart behind the hilarity, and that makes this a night to remember. There are far too many fantastic moments, so much good work by the cast, that it would be impossible to enumerate everything in a review… take a vow to see this Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.” –

It’s finally back! The craziest Wedding in Chicago! A hilarious production set in the environment of an Italian wedding during the 1980s… Crazy antics… theatergoers who are on the shy side need not worry… characters are never “too” pushy and if you don’t want to interact, performers will just go on to the next person who’s game… Fun, food and family dynamics…” –

A totally immersive triumph… a well-orchestrated travesty of a raucous reception… a convulsive pressure cooker of escapism, jollity or therapy.” –

The evening rocks… What makes the production work is the unbounded energy of the 23 performers… the cast and audience members competed to see who could work up a greater sweat dancing to the anthems of the 1980’s… short on decorum and long on in-your-face-fun.” –

Funny and not a weak link in the cast… I felt like I was on the set of the Wedding Singer or attending Molly Ringwald’s sister’s wedding in 16 Candles, and who doesn’t like a good ‘80s dance party? Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is a great event to bring an out-of-town guest to,or enjoy with a group looking for something different to do.” –

You’ll have a ball… They’ll have you laughing from the moment you sit in the pew… but by the time the wedding cake arrives, the place is literally falling apart at the seams… it’s hard not to get swept up in the fun and music… a fabulous time… if you like any excuse to have unbridled fun, dance to infectious familiar music and sing on or off-key then you’ll love this show. Go with a group… it may be the best wedding you’ll ever attend – besides your own!” –

A HIT! Straight out of the 80’s… everything you could want in a wedding – on steroids! I have to give the cast a lot of credit as they responded to audience comments and questions with aplomb… I think every cast member stopped at our table… quite funny… highly recommended, 4 stars!” –

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding revival is a delightfully good time… one of Chicago’s longest-running hit shows has returned and it hasn’t aged a bit… outrageous humor, heart-warming good cheer and just the right bit of naughtiness… despite the tomfoolery, the musical soloists are serious and talented performers… Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding hilariously captures dozens of cringe-worthy moments. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief they happened at someone else’s wedding and not your own.” –

Here’s to a long and happy marriage for Tony n’ Tina… There’s a lot to take in with this piece, and the cast did a fantastic job of moving the story along… anyone with an adventurous side, who loves a good wedding, digs the 80s, and enjoys some good improv, should definitely be there when Tony ‘n Tina say “I do.” –

An evening full of laugh-inducing riotousness… featuring a troupe of 23 fantastic improv actors, under the direction of Paul Stroili, Tony and team land legitimate laughs… Yes, the ethnic stereotypes are in abundance, but what is so alarming is how true these models really are… The semi-scripted chaotic fun of this interactive show worked best if you decide to play along… catch Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding while you can.” –Times Square Chronicles

A hilarious, all-inclusive night of entertainment… Directed by Paul Stroili, an original cast member in the Chicago production, he knows how to create drama and keep the audience laughing. From the wedding ceremony to the high-energy reception, complete with an Italian-style meal, champagne toast, and wedding cake, you’ll celebrate alongside Tony and Tina and 23 of their closest family and friends… you can’t leave this wedding without having a great time!” –

“A 100% guarantee you’re in for a night to remember… because of the impeccable improv skills from the actors and the lively entertainment, there are many times where you have to remind yourself that you aren’t lifelong friends of Tony & Tina… this is the first time in Chicago that Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding had taken place at an actual church so this created a very realistic experience… this show is not for the wall flower so stay home if you have no intentions of having fun… The food was a lovely addition because the experience is so worth it even without dinner included… by the end of the night, it felt like we were all one big happy Italian family… If you are looking for the most unconventional yet best time of your life, then I highly recommend attending Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding…”


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