Happy Valentine's Day!

We’re pleased to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the launch of our redesigned home page.  You’ll find some new features here and we’ll be adding lots more in the coming weeks.  So please take a look around and try to come back soon as we get closer to Tony n’ Tina’s big day – previews begin March 12th! The redesign kicks off with our new logo, which was created by Kick Design Studios here in New York.  It’s never an easy assignment – to create a new look for a well-established brand, and trying to make happy a large group of actors, producers and directors in the meanwhile.  (A theatrical family is no different than any other extended family except that our divas are professionally trained!)  But we are incredibly happy with the look and feel of the new logo.  In the words of Eddie Jabbour and Jo Baslow, from the creative team at Kick Design:  “Tony n' Tina’s Wedding is about fun contrasts — the elegance of a traditional wedding contrasted against the vivaciousness of the show’s Italian-American namesakes, Tony and Tina.  So we mashed-up the classic script for "Wedding" with a lively and exuberant typeface for "Tony n' Tina" all against the big beautiful beating heart!” 

Another major new feature here is our photo album.  We’ve started out with some great shots taken of the happy couple in Times Square – snapped on a recent snowy day when Tony first proposed to his intended.  We think these pictures really capture the excitement of our talented young couple as they begin a month of whirlwind preparation and prepare to set out on their journey together.  We’ve also included a gallery of images from our recent auditions as well as photos from past productions.   Most important of all – once the show opens our online album will highlight pictures taken of the wedding itself, including shots taken by audience members as part of the celebration!