Tony and Tina’s Wedding is Getting Social!

As we’re getting ready to launch this 25th anniversary production of Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding, one of our major goals is to bring the show to life for today’s audience in as contemporary a way as possible.  Most importantly, we want this new production to incorporate and reflect some of the incredible changes brought about in recent years by the Internet and social media. So this time we’re making Twitter and Facebook a direct part of the audience experience.  The show starts as soon as you purchase your tickets, when you’ll receive a personal invite from Tony ‘n Tina together with their short video greeting.  After that you’ll be able spend some time catching up with the whole wedding party through their Facebook pages, and watch Tina and the bridesmaids get fitted for their gowns at Kleinfelds.  And when you show up for the actual celebration, please make sure to bring your cell phone so you can join in the banter on our live Twitter stream and upload your photos directly to Tony ‘n Tina’s online wedding album.

Our goal in using social media is to make the whole celebration feel even more real since nowadays this is the way we actually interact with one another and go about our daily lives.  Going to your best friend’s wedding you would expect to participate in the online banter before and after the party.  Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding is just the same.

Pulling this off and incorporating social media into a live entertainment presents quite a few challenges for the performers as well as logistical challenges offstage.  But we think the payoff is well worth it because of the opportunities it provides to enhance the audience’s experience.  And we are also lucky enough to be working with a great team, including our director, Tony Lauria, our social media consultants at Good2bSocial and our marketing director Jon Kayser.

Theater is always about teamwork.  Now with social media everyone in the audience will have a chance to become part of the team.  Follow us on Twitter and visit with the cast on Facebook.  Be part of the celebration with Tony ‘n Tina and the rest of the family.

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