A Tale of Three Families

Will the ex-boyfriend get back the bride? Will the bride's mother strangle her daughter by the end of the night?  Who will the groom's father take home? Will the groom get fed up and split? Can the caterer's wife save the day with her voracious Mambo Italiano? Will the bride's mother jump the groom's father?  What's Grandma doing in the men's room?  Will the caterer's daughter run away with the cake?  Will the priest drink everyone under the table?  Will the bride's brother recover from his kiss on the lips from the groom's father?  Will the stripper catch the bouquet?  Will the nun run away with the groomsman?   Will the pregnant Maid of Honor give birth right on the dancefloor?  Will the sexy Wedding Singer get the bridesmaid?
Three Italian American families go 13 rounds in 3 1/2 hours to find out.  It's the Nunzios v. the Vitales with Vinnie Black and his clan saving the day.
The father to the groom is a Bronx Mamma's boy who runs a strip joint and blames his youngest son for his first wife's dissappearance. He caters to his domineering mother who bemoans the loss of the old ways.  The groom is fed up with the status quo strip joint family mentality.
The mother of the bride grieves vociferously the recent loss of her husband.  Her flamboyant son puts a song, silk, and a smile on every moment.  The bride has a total meltdown.
The catering company make their children miserable with their festive comedy routines and song and dance.  They keep the party going above the fray, fights, utter fiasco.
Come be part of La Famiglia.
Annie Lanzillotto, AKA Grandma Nunzio