The Cast is Set!

The long search for the perfect Tony and Tina has ended.  

Photo 2 Joseph_Ferraro Photo 3 Marilia

After EPA’s, agent submissions, open calls, and 4 callbacks, we’ve decided to cast Joe Ferraro as Anthony Angelo Nunzio Jr., (Tony), and Marilia Angeline as Valentina Lynn Vitale, (Tina).



Watching Joe work during the callbacks was a pleasure. He was able to snap in and out of Tony’s skin like it was second nature. His authenticity, improv skills, natural sense of timing, and sense of humor made for a convincing argument that he belonged in the show and most certainly in that role. I look forward to watching him grow in the role and see what he builds on top of the strong foundation that was laid by the original Tony, and one of the creators, the incredibly talented Mark Nassar.


Marilia submitted herself through Actor’s Access. After her reading, which was solid on the first crack, I had her improv with a TNT alumni and iconic former Tina, Denise Fennel. I was rating the auditions on a scale from one to five, with five being the highest they could be. I wrote a ten on her resume’!


Two Beauties

At her first callback, we had her improv with Joe Ferraro, (Tony). Watching the chemistry build between them put her in the lead position for the role, as far as I was concerned.

I Think I Got This Part!

At her second callback, she proved even more that her improv skills were sharp and that she could “go there” for real. Finding the right actor to play the role of Tina worried me the most after having worked with some amazingly skilled, strong, former Tina’s.

At her third call back, Marilia proved that she possessed all of the qualities and skills  to tackle the role that the creator, Nancy Cassaro, built with so many layers.

I look forward to seeing the 2014 Valentina Lynn!

She Said Yes!

Looks like she said yes!

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