New Cast Members Joining the Chicago Party in May

Welcome, New Family Members!

We had an honor and a pleasure of hosting over 10,000 wedding crashers since the show opened in September 2016,  and now Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding welcomes new cast members who will be joining the wedding party starting April 29th. The new  cast members include Concetta Rose as “Tina.”  She has been a member of the Tony n’ Tina’s family for the past twelve years, both in New York City as well as on the National Tour.

The Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding upcoming cast stars a mix of new and familiar faces, including Mitchell Conti as “Anthony Angelo Nunzio Jr (Tony),” Concetta Rose as “Valentina Lynne Vitale (Tina),” Rob Johnson as “Barry Wheeler,” Jessica Rzucidlo as “Connie Macogni,” Rory Zacher as “Dominick Fabrizzi,” Robin M. Bousel as “Donna Marsala,” Serena Pomerantz as “Marina Gulino,” Andrew Mancini as “Joey Vitale,” Alisha Fabbi  as “Sister Albert Maria aka Terry Vitale,” Tommy Taylor as “Tony Nunzio, Sr.,” Carrie Campana as “Madeline Monroe,” Billy Minshall as “Father Mark,” Jean Bonavita as “Michael Just,” Eustace Allen as “Sal Antonucci,” Brian Noonan as “Vinnie Black,” Micah Spayer as “Donny Dulce,” Jennifer Pompa as “Josephina Vitale,” Susan Gaspar as “Aunt Rose,” Laureen Siciliano as “Loretta Black,” Jack Gallagher as “Mikey Black,” Hillary Jiminez as “Nikki Black,” and Frank Ondof  as “Jimmy Black.  Rounding out the cast in a variety of swing roles are  Mark D’Arienzo, Jack Gallagher and Alexis Allotta.

Come meet the new family members in May!