Auditions continue… the final cast is almost set

At this point in time, our director Tony Lauria, has seen hundreds of potential characters for the 25 roles that need to be filled for the upcoming production of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. This past week we had our first round of call backs.  When an actor gets “called back” it means they have been chosen from the initial hundreds, which have now been narrowed down to the final 100, from whom the 25 available roles will be filled.   It is in this particular round where additional, more extensive, improvisational exercises are done with the prospective cast members. It’s also the point where it gets very confusing.   Given the fact that there are so many talented people it becomes very difficult to determine who would be best, and in what particular role.   So to have the most information, to make the most informed decision, what the director does is try to match people up.  If we have someone who we’re considering for the role of Tony, then what we do is try to match up a younger actor to play Tony’s younger brother, or his Dad, or his groomsman.


Same with Tina and the girls.  The director will create situations whereas they would interact together.  An example is an improv a prospective Tony did  with a prospective mother of the bride, whereas Tony asked Tina’s mom for her daughters hand in marriage.  Another one being Tony proposing to Tina.  It is during these improvs that we get to see not only if they are funny, but they’re also good listeners.  Just like putting together any kind of a team, chemistry between the players is very important.  But especially in the case of an interactive show, characters must not only work well together but they must convey themselves in a positive way to the guests.  This makes the choosing of this “team” that much more important.

One more open call and another round of call backs are still ahead of us, before the final cast is chosen.

TNT Team w/out Tony Lauria

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