The audience creates the show.  Each table is different.  Last night we had a table of adventurous Russian tourists, a table of wise elder Italian American ladies / gamblers, a beautiful Puerto Rican family who drove in from Pennsylvania, then there was the famous fashion designer, and the big table of 20’ something hot girls, and a table of 40’ something women.  That’s just the beginning.  Our audience is diverse.  This is Times Square.  The whole world is here.  Children who come get involved in the “Champagne March.”  One girl, Catherine, celebrated her 17th birthday.  That’s a birthday to remember. As members of the wedding party amble from table to table, the story builds.  It’s a different show at every table. The elder Italian American ladies gave Madalyn Monroe love advice, saying Nunzio was paying too much attention to Josephine Vitale.  And they told me, Grandma Nunzio, their favorite numbers to play Lotto, and about the slot machines at the Sands.  Each night a rivalry gets heated up between the two families; the Vitales and the Nunzios.  Johnny Nunzio and Dominick Fabrizzi rev up the Nunzio side of the crowd in a cheer.  The bridesmaids, Sister Terry, Aunt Rose, and Josephine Vitale heat up the Vitale side of the crowd.  You never know what’s going to happen, who you will dance with, or which way the conversation goes.  Last night I had an accountant who could really dance, and the night before, an actor hell bent on making out with Grandma Nunzio!

Come to Tina and Tony’s Wedding where YOU make the show!

Grandma Nunzio

a.k.a. Annie Lanzillotto